I hope that there comes a day when we no longer have to put on our masks, but  can finally be ourselves and walk hand-in-hand against the world.

A day, when I can silently fall asleep into your arms listening to your heartbeats and wake up the next morning to your messy hair and porcelain skin gleaming against the morning haze.

When we can go for long drives not knowing where we are heading for and get lost in our own little world.

I hope  that there comes a day, when we can finally lay side-by-side on our armchairs, pale-faced and skinny; running wrinkled fingers through the pages of our life, counting the memories we’ve made down the lane; All them adventures, sorrow, love…. and remembering them like it all happened yesterday.

For in me there lies a soul that craves every second to be spent with you by your side. For you are my titanium – my most prized possession. The one that I’d never get tired of. The one that I’d want to be by my side to venture my inner depths.

The one that I’d wanna live the rest of my life for.




It was her last day in the city

She hugged them and bid them goodbye

But little did she know that it would be the last day she would be herself.

She was ready for a new beginning

But the good memories from wild past kept haunting her.

She tried to put on a smile on her face wilting herself that the next day would be better

But fate had something else in store for her.


She slowly drained her bold self,

Grew weaker and weaker every day

And in search of her happy self, she lost herself.

When life gave her no glimmer of hope or salvation,

She tried to think about her good times hoping that would cheer her up.

But little did she know that there could be nothing else that could hurt her more.


She had enough on hoping that the next day would get better.

She couldn’t take it anymore

And someday, she lost the fighter within her.


And like a lost soul who lost the meaning of her life,

She sat next to the window

Watching the beautiful drizzle as she sipped something from her favourite coffee mug.

Staring  at the coloured bottle kept next to the coffee mug knowing one thing  for sure

That she wouldn’t be there to see the drizzle again tomorrow.





  • Well.. To start with, I’m a student.
  • Proud Indian. 😇
  • Sixteen years of happy life and counting. 😃
  • The kind of person who can spend years of solitude with nothing but some good books and music.
  • Wanderlust.
  • Amateur writer. (The whole two months of blogging is all the experiance I’ve got)
  • Soo much for Photography. ^^
  • Biggest fear – Losing loved ones.😦
  • Opts writing when feeling all low and finds happiness in it.
  • Last, but not the least.. One thing I clearly know about myself is that, I talk a lot. Real fast. And loud. 😃


With utmost gratitude, I would like to thank Cezane and Michelle for nominating me for the 2016 Liebster Award. It wouldn’t be decent of me if I don’t mention how good your blog is. You two are doing a fantastic job out there I must say. Your blog Psychedelic Bay is indeed a home to a writer and a fighter. And yeah.. Congratulations for your nomination as well. Very well deserved! (I’m indeed looking forward for more of your writings.)

Now let me introduce you all to one of my favourite blogger, The Isolated Girl. Well her blog mainly dwells on heartwarming poetry and can see a lot of articles published in different patterns and shapes. The blog caption “Life is all about pain” says it all.  But even in the shortest of her works, you see a lot of life. You walk through that path while you’re reading her poems. You just cannot walk out of her blog without a heavy heart after reading most of her works. And as a writer, what’s more important than to make the reader wall through  the path in which you travelled while writing it. I believe that painful hearts come up with the best work and maybe that’s why she is good at what she is doing. And once again to all the bloggers out there, I strongly suggest to take a look at her blog and appreciate her for her fantastic work. Click here 😃


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It was a fine Sunday morning as she hesitantly grabbed her backpack from the table, sighed and entered the car. “Inevitable family trips.” She mumbled to herself as her dad started the old car. Annoyed and sleepy enough, she sat at the back seat not bothering to talk to anyone. That’s when her eyes met the sight of the enchanting country roads.

Mesmerized by their very first view, she slowly rolled down the window glass to feel the atmosphere. The cool breeze brushed through her brown locks as she sat there with her chin on the window.

She saw the sun slowly rising from the edge of the mountains making the sky blush to a beautiful scarlet. She was taken into another world. A sky full of dreams stood before her. And for a moment, everything seemed to be perfect. Soo perfect that she didn’t want to go back home. Neither did she wanted to reach where they were heading to. She just wanted this journey to go on. Forever.



It is very commonly seen in today’s busy world that we, humans; who are being considered as the most efficient and intelligent of God’s creations are being soo disturbed about our past. Be it good or bad, we look back too much on our past.

For the good times that been taken place in our lives, instead of remembering them with a smile, we look back and lament on how worthless our lives have become with time. And in case of bad memories from the past, we consider ourselves to be the unluckiest of all.

We just don’t take in that we have a whole life ahead of us, and instead of dwelling on the past, it’s high time we move on and consider every day as a new beginning. A new beginning to be better and above all, a happy person. Cause nothing is permanent in this world and there’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. And turning back or dwelling too much on where we are delays us on reaching the brighter side.

So it is important to let go off the past and start anew just like the sun rising every day for a new beginning. Slowly. Yet profoundly.





While treading through the corridor of misery and solitude

What felt like an eternity or more

You came from another dimension to save my soul,

Or was it to destroy what was left of it?

You took me to another world,

Gave me a forever within the numbered days

And now that I have redeemed.. Where have you gone abandoning me?

My new found world pitch black again.


I still look back to those days

Those days when we thought this was going to last forever.

And I still remember that dreadful day

When fate tore you off from me to somewhere beyond my reach

Leaving me on my own to slowly bleed to death.


But know this, you have my heart for eternity

And I shall be waiting by the cliff

Like a perfect silhouette against the setting sun

For you to come, leaving the blue sky cut open

To take me in your arms to where life has taken you.







I like things with fading colours. The ones that get worn out in time. They helps us to see the passing of time. Behind every wall that stays in silence, there will be an untold story. Such a story that got buried up as time passed by.

That’s the thing about time. It buries up things. It makes things get forgotten. It doesn’t matter what all great things you’ve done. There comes a time when everything is forgotten. Even the fact that we once existed. Something that we humans clearly don’t try to take in. If such a time is going to come, what is the point of being soo selfish and soo much into ourselves during this little time we get to spend with others?

Sometimes even a perfectly poised smiled to a forlorn stranger could make a big difference. It might make someone remember you. It might be for a week. A day. Or maybe for a couple of hours. But isn’t that something more that most of us could get? To be remembered by someone?

Cause at the end of the day, its not the size of the canvas that matters. It’s all about the little details that led you there.



She woke up to the drizzle upon her window. Lazy enough to wake up fully, she crawled to the corner of her bed and gaped outside through the windowpane. It was supposedly a new beginning for her cause it’s only been a week since she’s shifted to this place leaving behind her family, friends, her love and what not. But brave enough to let go, she was ready to start a new beginning. Lost in thoughts, she sat there for a long time until the phone rang. It was her mom to wish her good luck as it was her first day in college. How could she forget it?

A mix of anticipation on what it is going to be like, and a neverthless sadness  of leaving behind all her loved ones ran through her as she got dressed. And after a long mind calculation on how she’s going be with the others on her first day. She left for college.

A beautiful brick red building it was. Her college. She open her eyes perfectly wide and took a deep breath to let everything around her in and then walked through the pavement to her class admiring every inch of the building. The rush of the college never bothered her as she walked her way; slowly and gently. There stood her classroom. At a corner facing the sea on the first floor.  She felt a sudden rush of adrenaline in her body as she entered the class. The class was empty and she went and sat next to the window. Was she at the right place? She asked to herself. Her family’s argument on how she should have stayed back there with them went on in her mind as she stared outside the door waiting for someone to come in.

Her jaws dropped as she saw the next person who got in to the room. It was him. The star crossed love of her life. She jumped in astonishment. Perfecting her already perfect hair, she screamed at him “Why are you here? You were supposed to continue back there!” But without answering her questions he walked to her with a wide smile on his face and sat next to her. The two of them sat silently with her head resting on his shoulders and his arms wrapped around her. And now she knew to herself that she was at the right place with the right person.







The sun was long gone but the streets were well illuminated by the Christmas lights. The town was in chaos as everyone busily prepared themselves for Christmas. Everyone but her. She was neither interested in the shiny trees, nor on the other delicacies that were being sold. Like a lost soul, she walked across the street and sat under the mistletoe that stood in front of the old abandoned building on the sea shore. The majestic building that once stood as the pride of the place was all worn out now with time fading its brilliant colours and leaving it with paint peeling off at places. So was her life.

Feeling the icy-cold winter wind brush across the locks of her straight brown hair, she sat there staring onto the wilderness for a long time.

It snowed heavily than ever and she decided to go inside the building rather than to go back home. With a shaky hand and hesitation to go back to the past, she opened the door with a loud creak.

It was all dark and blurry inside, but clear enough for her to make way through as she remembered every inch of the place soo well.  A strong sillage of the good memories from the past ran through her. Yes. She’s back to the place that once contained all her laughter. The place that saw her brightest side. But nothing remains.  She saw herself on the broken windowpane. How time has changed her, just like the fate of the building. Time had taken back all the colours of her life leaving her with bitter experiences and longings to go back. Tears felt hot on her cold cheeks.

Taking one last look at the room, she closed the door behind her with a thud, accepting the fact that she had no other option. But to move on….




It was a Saturday eve and the house was all in chaos as I reached there. My favourite place it was. Yes. Our ancestral house. The little human that I was ran into the house as my dad and mom fought back tears. The happiness of bunking my final exams and the excitement of seeing my cousins after a long while was seen on my face. I ran to one of my cousin and we started to play. Me being the youngest one of the family and him a year older than me. We played and laughed really hard until one of the elderly asked us to shut up and go outside. So did we. We went out and sat on the chairs that were being arranged outside.

The sky was beautiful with the cimson red sun spreading it’s light all over the area. I was tired and I layed down on my chair with my head resting on his lap. “It was a bike accident. Well that’s what they tell me.” He said, pausing for me to give a reply. What an 8 year old could know of her brother’s death. “Mmh” said I. He continued “His brain was totally damaged with the internal bleeding. And that’s when pneumonia took over him.” I felt a teardrop on my face and saw him fighting back tears. I said no more and stared at the man who was tying a black tarpaulin sheet to the bamboo stick at the corner of the house. The very same man who decorated the house a few six months back for my brother’s wedding. But this time to mourn his death. A long dead silence took over me. I looked at the sun for answers. But even even he was in pain that he blushed back to his hole leaving me and my thoughts on our own staring at the darkness.

It was then that the car came. Inside it was her, my brother’s wife. She’s come back to people who bid them a happy married life some weeks ago before they left for Chennai. But this time alone. The bony bride I saw weeks ago was long lost. Blood drained from her face and bags below her pretty eyes from the sleepless nights at the hospital. But she did not cry. She did not respond to the elderly women who wailed of her fate but sat on the floor of the hall waiting to see him for one last time. And he came. In the ambulance that followed came him in a pretty black coffin. I stared at the coffin as the men slowly placed it on the floor next to her. I stood there trying to take a last glimpse of him. My heart sank to the bottom as I saw him lifeless, lying peacefully inside the coffin all covered in white. He was barely recognisable from the medications that tried to revive him. Taking a last look at one of my favourite person in the world, I went away in tears and sat next to her who was as lifeless as him. She sat there, as pale as the moon, eyes glued onto the coffin. The curiousness of a little child evoked me as I asked her “Why aren’t you not crying like the others?” Tears rushed from nowhere into her eyes as she held me tight in her arms and said “Cause he had asked me to promise him that I won’t wail about if at all something happens to him” Not knowing how to comfort her, I left the room as she held her phone close to her heart reading the last message he sent her over again and again. She did not weep about and  kept her last promise to him.  And as they lowered her beloved, she sat in a corner of their room not knowing what life has in store for her next.